Earth Day Crossword Puzzle


1. Stop from getting away or escaping - "Greenhouse gases ____ heat which makes the Earth warmer."

3. Automobile - "Walk or ride your bike when you can, instead of going by ___."

5. Our planet

6. Preserve, opposite of waste - "____ energy by turning off lights, TV's and computers when you aren't using them."

7. Related to the sun - "_____ power is energy that we get from the sun."

10. When something falls out accidentally - "Sticky black stuff from the oil _____ floated on the water and coated the feathers of a bird."


1. Forest, woods - "_____ help reduce greenhouse gases because they take in carbon dioxide and let out oxygen."

2. The month after March - "Earth Day is on _____ 22."

3. A fossil fuel that looks like a black rock.

4. Let others use or enjoy also - "We should _____ the Earth with all other living creatures."

8. A thick, black, liquid fossil fuel - "Much of the world's ___ comes from the Middle East."

9. Abbreviation for the Environmental Protection Agency, which enforces the laws that protect the environment.

1 2
3 4
7 8

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