Reading Comprehension Game for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Who Am I?

I have black hair. I'm wearing a green sweater.


Easier Game

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1/0/I have black hair.
I am wearing a green sweater. 1/1/I have brown hair and I am wearing black pants. 1/2/I am wearing green pants and a green sweater. 1/3/I am wearing a purple sweater. 2/0/I am standing on one leg. 2/1/I am wearing a yellow t-shirt and stretching out my leg. 2/2/I have long yellow hair and am sitting. 2/3/I have my arms over my head. 3/0/I am wearing a yellow dress. 3/1/I am wearing a blue t-shirt. 3/2/I am wearing a red dress. 3/3/I have short brown hair and am wearing overalls. 4/0/I have my brown hair in a ponytail. 4/1/I have short brown hair and am sitting and stretching. 4/2/I have black pants on and am standing on one leg. 4/3/I have blonde hair. I am wearing blue pants and a red t-shirt. 5/0/I am wearing blue pants and a purple t-shirt. 5/1/I am a boy with short brown hair. 5/2/I am wearing a skirt with tights. 5/3/My pink headband matches my pink top. 6/0/I have long black hair and I am holding a flower. 6/1/I am carrying a book. 6/2/I am wearing a white skirt and have a tennis racket. 6/3/I have a surf board. 7/0/I am carrying a keyboard. 7/2/I wear glasses and my light brown hair is in braids. 8/0/I am pulling the sled. 8/1/I am sitting at the front of the sled. 8/2/I am on the sled between my friends. 8/3/My hat is pink and I sit at very back of the sled. 9/0/I have short dark hair and am sitting in the wagon. 9/1/I have red hair and am sitting in the wagon. 9/2/I am pulling the wagon. 9/3/I am standing next to my friend who is pulling the wagon. 10/0/I have a little sailboat in my hands. 10/1/I am wearing a scuba mask. 10/2/I am standing between a beachball and a pail of sand. 10/3/I have an orange towel thrown over my shoulder. 11/0/I have a ball in one hand and a racket in the other. 11/1/I am carrying a basketball. 11/2/I have black hair and have a soccer ball by my foot. 11/3/I am ready for baseball. I am wearing a cap and have a bat. 13/0/I am wearing a pink skirt and a green sweater. 13/1/I am wearing an orange skirt and jumping. 13/2/I am wearing pink pants and jumping. 13/3/I am wearing white socks. 14/0/I am wearing a long striped top. 14/1/I am wearing blue shorts and a white top. 14/2/My purple top has a heart on it. 14/3/My shoes are blue and my pants are yellow. 15/0/I have have red hair and am on the seesaw. 15/1/My pants are blue and I am on the seesaw. 15/2/My pants are blue and I am on the swing. 15/3/I am wearing red pants and I am on the swing. 16/0/I am in the sand box and have a red pail. 16/2/My pants are blue and I am on the swing. 16/3/My pants are red and I am on a swing. 17/0/I have short blonde hair and am reading a book. 17/1/I am wearing purple pants and I am reading a book. 17/3/I am sitting in the sand box and am holding a shovel. 18/0/I have red hair and am on a 2-seater swing. 18/1/I have black hair and am on a 2-seater swing. 18/2/I am dressed in pink and going down the slide. 18/3/I'm wearing a red hat and am ready to slide. 19/0/My soccer team sweater has a seven on it. 19/1/I have light brown hair and just threw a ball. 19/2/Two tall girls are tossing a ball over my head. 19/3/My blue t-shirt has a star on it.