Easter Reading Comprehension

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The Easter Bilby

If you lived in Australia you'd know exactly what a bilby is. The bilby is a small marsupial (animal with a pouch) found in western Australia.

The bilby's fur is very soft, usually gray in color. The belly is white and the tail is long, often with a white tip.

Bilbies have very large hairless ears like a rabbit's. The ears help them listen for trouble. Their strong front paws help them dig and find food. The long snout gives the bilby an excellent sense of smell. Bilbies can't see too well, so it is lucky that their hearing and smelling senses are good.

The bilby is a nocturnal animal. They come out of their burrows after dark and look for food. They eat seeds, insects, fruit, and even small animals. Like the koala, the bilby doesn't drink water. It gets all the water it needs from its food.

Bilbies are dying out and are now endangered and in need of protection. To make everyone notice these rare animals, people in Australia have tried to replace the Easter bunny with the Easter bilby.
Chocolate bilbies are very popular!

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Where does the bilby live?
South America
Australia The bilby has ears like what animal?
rabbit Which of these do bilbies NOT eat?
fish Which of the bilby's senses is the worst?
sight Which of these animals is NOT a marsupial?
a bilby
a kangaroo
a rat
a rat The bilby and what other animal do NOT drink water?
the kangaroo
the koala
the rabbit
the koala What does nocturnal mean?
comes out only in the day
comes out only at night
sleeps all winter
comes out only at night In what way is a bilby like a bunny rabbit?
It has soft gray fur.
It has large hairless ears.
Both are true.
Both are true. What is a marsupial?
an animal with a pouch
an animal that hops
an animal that eats only seeds
an animal with a pouch How do you know that the bilby is nocturnal?
It comes out of its burrow only at night.
It looks for food during the day.
It eats seeds and insects.
It comes out of its burrow only at night. Why do they sell chocolate bilbies for Easter?
because bunnies are extinct
because bilbies are brown in color
to draw attention to bilbies and the need to protect them
to draw attention to bilbies and the need to protect them

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