Easter Reading Comprehension

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Where is Easter Island? Why is it called Easter?

Easter Island is one of the most remote islands in the world. It is located in the southeast Pacific Ocean. Since 1888, it has been part of Chile.

In 2018, the population of Easter Island was close to 8,000. Most are descendants from the original Polynesian Rapa Nui people.

How did Easter Island get its name?
In the early 1700s, a Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, was sailing the South Pacific. On Easter Sunday, April 5, 1722, he discovered the island. In honour of the day, he named the island Paasch Eyland, Dutch for Easter Island. The island's Spanish name, Isla de Pascua, also means Easter Island.

Later in the 1800s, Easter Island was given a Polynesian name, Rapa Nui, in honor of the original people. However, it is most commonly known as Easter Island.

Easter Island is famous not for bunnies or eggs, but for its 887 large stone statues called "moai" (pronounced "mo-eye"). These statues were created by the early Rapa Nui people sometime between the years 1100 and 1680. How these large heavy statues were moved to their locations around the island remains a mystery.

The Easter Island statues attract many tourists. In 1994, the island was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the future does not look good for the moai statues. Climate change has led to rising sea levels and soil erosion, which could destroy the statues along the coast.

Where is Easter Island?
South Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean
Mediterranean Sea
South Pacific Ocean Easter Island is part of which country?
Chile Who are the original people of Easter Island?
Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui When was Easter Island discovered?
1722 Who discovered Easter Island?
Ferdinand Magellan
James Cook
Jacob Roggeveen
Jacob Roggeveen How do you say Easter Island in Spanish?
Isla de Pascua
Paasch Eyland
Rapa Nui
Isla de Pascua What is Easter Island most famous for?
bunny rabbits
large stone statues
chickens that lay blue eggs
large stone statues What are "moai"?
aboriginal people
large stone statues
large stone statues Which of these is NOT a name for Easter Island?
Rapa Nui
Isla de Pascua
Rapa Moai
Rapa Moai Why are the coastal moai statues in danger of being destroyed?
rising sea levels and erosion
too many tourists
rising sea levels and erosion When was Easter Island named a UNESCO World Heritage site?
1994 More than 100,000 people lived on Easter Island in 2018.
It doesn't say in the story.
False Why was Easter Island named for the Easter holiday?
It was first discovered on Easter Sunday.
The island was full of rabbits.
Many of the statues on the island looked like tall eggs.
It was first discovered on Easter Sunday.

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