4th Grade Reading Comprehension

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The Pueblo People of the American Southwest

More than twenty five different tribes of Native Americans lived in the southwestern area of the United States. Many of these tribes lived in villages called pueblos and became known as the Pueblo people.

The Pueblo people lived in unusual houses made of adobe brick. Adobe is a type of mud which the people shaped into bricks and then let dry. Many adobe homes exist today in the Southwest.

Long ago, the adobe homes had no doors. The people entered through a type of trap door at the top. The homes were usually three or four stories high. The ground floor had no windows and was used for storage. Usually several adobe homes were centered around a plaza.

The Pueblo people were peaceful and seldom fought in wars. They were talented at crafts and the men of some of the tribes made beautiful jewelry. The women were very good at pottery and painting.

Pueblo people were also known for wearing special masks when they danced. These masks, called kachinas, represented the faces of dead ancestors.

What is a pueblo?
a house
a mask
a village
a village In what area of the United States did Pueblo People live?
Pacific northwest
Louisiana delta
southwest Who were the jewelry makers of the Pueblo people?
the women
the men
the teenage girls
the men What was usually on the ground floor of Adobe homes?
the kitchen
the bedrooms
storage The Pueblo people fought in many wars.
It doesn't say in the story.
False Long ago, adobe homes had no doors.
It doesn't say in the story.
True Pueblo children slept on the top floor of the home.
It doesn't say in the story.
It doesn't say in the story. What is adobe?
a type of mud
a type of fish
a type of animal skin
a type of mud What are kachinas?
bracelets worn by the women
masks worn during dancing
decorated pottery bowls
masks worn during dancing What kind of houses did Pueblo People live in?
houses made of adobe brick
tents made of animal skins
houses made of adobe brick

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