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How to Wash Your Hands

1. Use warm water, not cold or hot, when you wash your hands.

2. Use whatever soap you like.

3. Rub soapy bubbles all around - on hands, wrists, between fingers, and under fingernails. Wash for 20 seconds - about how long it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" or to recite the alphabet. Sing it quickly two times or just once if you go nice and slow.

4. Rinse and dry well with a clean towel.

When to Wash Your Hands

• after using the bathroom
• before eating
• after coming in from outdoors
• after handling money
• after a sneeze, a cough, or blowing your nose
• before, during and after helping in the kitchen
• after taking out the trash
• after playing with pets

Why Wash Your Hands

• to get rid of all dirt and germs

What words tell you that you are reading instructions?
"your hands"
"how to"
"Happy Birthday"
"how to" Why is it important to wash your hands?
to keep your hands from drying out
to remove dirt and germs
to keep your hands soft
to remove dirt and germs For how long should you wash your hands?
as long as it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" slowly
10 seconds
5 minutes
as long as it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" slowly It's not a good idea to wash your hands before eating.
It doesn't say in the story.
False After you cough and sneeze, you should wash your hands.
It doesn't say in the story.
True What kind of soap should you use when you wash your hands?
anti bacterial soap only
liquid soap only
any kind
any kind This story would make a good

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