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Penguin Gets His Own Wetsuit

Penguin Gets His Own Wetsuit
Winchester Times, August 14, 2009

A bald penguin named Ralph is having fun in the sun at a British wildlife park - after being fitted with his own wetsuit.

Most penguins lose their old feathers gradually. But nine year old Ralph's always fall out in one day. Because penguins can get very sick from a sunburn, Ralph has to stay indoors and out of the sun for three weeks until his new feathers grow in.

David White, manager of Penguin World, near Winchester, England said, "Ralph is very healthy, so we don't know why his feathers all drop out at once."

They tried to cover him with sunscreen, but it washed off too quickly in the water. Then they thought of the wetsuit idea and made one from the leg of a man's wetsuit.

Mr. White added, "Ralph likes his new suit. At first the other penguins were curious and spent a while checking him out. When they saw that it was still Ralph under the suit they were quite happy and play with him as usual."

What is the headline of this story?
Winchester Times
The Bald Penguin
Penguin Gets His Own Wetsuit
Penguin Gets His Own Wetsuit Why did Ralph's feathers fall out so quickly?
He was sick.
He pulled them out.
No one knows.
No one knows. Why didn't sunscreen help Ralph?
It washed off in the water.
It wasn't strong enough.
He was allergic to it.
It washed off in the water. What is a wetsuit?
a suit that you wet with oil before wearing
a bodysuit made of rubber
a stretchy pair of pants made of cotton
a bodysuit made of rubber How does the picture above the story help you understand the story?
It shows you the size of a penguin.
It shows the setting of the story.
It shows the penguin in a wetsuit.
It shows the penguin in a wetsuit. The other penguins were afraid to go near Ralph in his wetsuit.
It doesn't say in the story.

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