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The Sunflower

A Legend from Ancient Greece

Clytie (pronounced "clee tee") was a sea creature who wore beautiful green gowns made of seaweed. Her long golden hair floated about her as she swam in the sea.

One day Clytie heard a mermaid singing a song about a golden light above the water. Clytie wanted to see it.

She swam to the surface and climbed out of the water onto the shore. She saw the golden light described in the song. It was the sun! She gazed at it all day.

When she finally turned towards the water, she saw her reflection. Her golden hair had become yellow petals. Her green gown had become leaves. Her small feet had become roots. She had become a sunflower.

To this day, sunflowers turn to face the sun so that they can look at it all day as it travels across the sky.

Source: The Sunflower
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The story is a
news story
a science story
a Greek legend
a Greek legend What does the word "gaze" mean?
stare Which of these rhymes with Clytie?
flea be
fly by
flea be What color are the petals of a sunflower?
yellow Where did Clytie see her reflection?
in the sky
in the water
on the ground
in the water What did Clytie see when she looked at her own reflection?
a woman
a mermaid
a sunflower
a sunflower Why did Clytie leave the water?
She wanted to see the "golden light".
She was tired of swimming.
The mermaid told her to.
She wanted to see the "golden light". Why did Clytie become a sunflower?
A mermaid turned her into one.
She stared at the sun all day.
She was tired of living in the water.
She stared at the sun all day.

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