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To add a pair of antonyms to the alphabetized list, type the two words in this box separated by a COMMA AND A SPACE and then press ENTER.
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Antonyms Match

For each word in the left box, find a word with a similar meaning in the right box. Then write the pair in the table below, so that the antonyms are side by side.


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agree,disagree global,local please,displease above,below safe,dangerous loose,tight coming,going wrap,unwrap north,south best,worst suddenly,gradually patient,impatient winter,summer whisper,shout brighter,dimmer good,bad bright,dim sudden,gradual few,many top,bottom most,least more,less open,close honest,dishonest afraid,unafraid scafirebrick,unafraid tie,untie succeed,fail rose,fell possible,impossible either,neither always,never cheerful,gloomy fast,slow interesting,boring careful,careless before,after narrow,wide smile,frown noisy,quiet entrance,exit simple,complicated fresh,stale forward,backward common,rare valuable,worthless accept,reject accept,deny tense,relaxed winning,losing won,lost with,without accurate,approximate advance,retreat calm, panic certain,unsure curly,straight curved,straight deposit,withdraw distant,near earliest,latest encourage,discourage excited,bofirebrick frequent,occasional fresh,rotten grasp,release health,sickness happiness,sadness helpful,useless ignore,notice individual,combination interior,exterior introduce,close mild,severe outgoing,withdrawn overhead,underneath polite,rude punish,reward respect,disrespect scold,praise silent,loud slender,stout tiniest,biggest typical,unusual underweight,overweight