Custom Spelling Puzzles Worksheet Maker

Use the default 3rd grade word list provided or customize the list to make your own spelling puzzle worksheets like the one below.

Use "New Worksheet" above to generate more puzzles from the list.

Use "Customize" to change the word list used to generate the worksheets.

To add a word to the alphabetized list, type it in this box and then press ENTER.
Add word:

Find the Letters in the Words Puzzle

Each 3-letter group in the right column is part of a word from the box. Write the complete word around each 3-letter group. Make sure to use every word and every 3-letter group.

The first one is done for you as an example.

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agree alphabet athlete avoid basket beautiful certain challenge chapter cousin disappear earthquake families fashion guard heavier holiday however impossible knives language laughter misspell mountain natural nickel notice poison question regular robot shining silent strength suggest thousand voyage weather window written