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For each word in the left box, find a word with a similar meaning in the right box. Then write the pair in the table below, so that the synonyms are side by side.


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above, over adult, mature anger, rage assist, help attempt, try boundary, limit brag, boast capable, skillful concentrate, focus copy, imitate education, learning empty, vacant energetic, lively enjoyable, fun error, mistake funny, humorous global, worldwide humid, moist identify, recognize introduce, start jump, leap mild, moderate please, delight rarely, seldom recognize, recall reduce, decrease ruin, spoil safe, protected scared, afraid silent, quiet sincere, true stationary, motionless unsafe, dangerous careful, cautious safe, secure come, arrive wrap, cover patient, calm impatient, anxious exclaim, shout good, admirable bad, evil bright, radiant dim, dull argue, dispute lucky, fortunate estimate, guess old, ancient fast, speedy enemy, opponent deadly, lethal trade, barter afraid, fearful rich, wealthy tired, weary noisy, loud trip, voyage trip, journey cheerful, happy guest, visitor long, lengthy find, discover run, sprint brave, courageous smile, grin shy, timid annoyed, irate simple, complicated surprised, astonished phony, fake genuine, authentic steady, consistent weak, feeble before, previously