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Halloween Scrambled Sentences

Put the words back in the original order to make a sentence related to Halloween. Capitals and punctuation are clues to the first and last words. Correctly placed words turn red.

Pick two words below to make them switch places.

Scrambled Halloween sentence.

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Are you going out trick-or-treating on Halloween? Are you going out trick-or-treating tonight? What kind of costume are you going to wear tonight? What are you going to dress up as tonight? Are you going to the costume party tonight? Did you get a lot of candy for Halloween? How much candy did you get tonight? Do many children come to your house for Halloween? How many people were dressed as vampires at the party? Oh, no, we're completely out of candy! Watch out for that witch behind you! Don't eat your Halloween candy before you get home. Your parents should check your candy before you eat it. Remember to cross the street safely on Halloween. Carving a pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern is a Halloween custom. Many people go to costume parties on Halloween. "Boo!" shouted the little ghost before running away. Ghosts and witches are always popular Halloween costumes. Halloween decorations include pumpkins, bats and black cats. Black and orange are traditional Halloween colors. Ghosts and witches are a sign that it's Halloween. I didn't have a costume so I used a sheet and went as a ghost. It's not difficult to make your own zombie costume. Halloween is always on October 31. Bobbing for apples is a traditional Halloween party game. Witches and bats fly through the air on Halloween night. Children go from house to house collecting candy on Halloween. The word Halloween comes from All Hallows Evening. Halloween, or All Hallows Evening, is the day before All Hallows Day.