We HEART Words - A Valentine Word Game

Guess as many words or phrases, letter by letter, as you can in one minute.
And remember - you gotta have HEART.

Press when you're ready to go.

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tugs at your heartstrings=makes you feel very deeply and emotionally to your heart's content=as much as you could possibly want heartbreaker=one who carelessly plays with the affections of others, a common song title, a tough loss brokenhearted=overcome by disappointment and grief halfhearted=without much enthusiasm heartbreak=overwhelming distress heartbreaking=causing great sorrow heartstopping=extremely surprising, exciting or moving heartburn=indigestion heartening=encouraging, strengthening heartfelt=sincere heartland=central region of a country, in the U. S. the Midwest heartrending=heartbreaking, very moving or distressing heartsick=despondent, very sad heartthrob=term for somebody like Brad Pitt, maybe hearty=vigorous, wholesome disheartened=down in the dumps, feeling a loss of confidence lighthearted=cheerful, carefree sweetheart=beloved one heart surgeon=doctor who operates on that most vital of organs heart attack=acute myocardial infarction, the leading cause of death heart transplant=organ implant first performed on a human being by Dr. Christiaan Barnard in 1967 Richard the Lionheart=English king, based on this nickname he must have been brave Queen of Hearts=tyrant of Wonderland or one of a deck of cards Braveheart=Mel Gibson movie title Sacred Heart=often a part of a Catholic church or school name Purple Heart=American military decoration for those wounded in battle after my own heart=just like me as funny as a heart attack=not funny, that doesn't make me laugh avast me hearty=pirate-speak phrase bleeding heart=a soft touch, somebody who is too sympathetic change of heart=shift in feelings or attitude close to your heart=of special importance to you cross my heart=I swear to that do your heart good=make you happy or contented eat your heart out=be regretful, envy me now find it in your heart=persuade yourself, appeal to your innermost feelings from the bottom of my heart=with sincere and deep feeling harden your heart=resolve not to be sympathetic have a heart=show some kindness heart of the matter=most basic essence or meaning heart of gold=generous and kind heart to heart=intimate and personal her heart's in the right place=she has good intentions, she means well in a heartbeat=without a second thought, no hesitation in your heart of hearts=deep down you know it's true know it by heart=have it memorized my heart sank=my hopes were dashed not for the faint of heart=requires brave commitment, unsuitable for timid people pour your heart out=tell your deepest secrets and feelings set your heart on=commit yourself fully to steal my heart=make me love you take heart=feel encouraged, buck up take it to heart=consider very seriously with a heavy heart=unhappily, regretfully young at heart=not so youthful physically maybe, but thinking that way Heart of Glass=Blondie song - her love that was a gas turned out to have one of these Unbreak My Heart=Toni Braxton tune - and while you're at it undo this hurt and uncry these tears Achy Breaky Heart=Billy Ray Cyrus claim to fame prior to being the father of his daughter My Heart Will Go On=Celine Dion song - in contrast to the Titanic's actual progress Hungry Heart=Bruce Springsteen song - according to it everybody's got one Heartbreak Hotel=Elvis song - the new place he found to dwell since his baby left him Heart of Gold=Neil Young song - what he's been a miner for Heart and Soul=how I fell in love with you and a piano duet fave Heart of Darkness=Joseph Conrad title