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In Mother Words

Exercise your brain and build your word power with this fun word puzzle. Guess as many words and phrases that have some connection with or contain MOTHER (or mom, ma, etc.) as you can in 2 minutes.

Press when you're ready to go.

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alma mater:where you went to school, college, or university baby mama:single mother, how an unmarried father refers to his child's mother den mother:Cub Scouts leader fairy godmother:everyone should have one to magically help them out grandmother:your mother's mother helicopter mother:an overprotective mom who hovers over her child like a mother hen:fussy, overprotective mama's boy:sissy kid who's always clinging to mom Mamma Mia:ABBA musical and movie Mammy:1930 Al Jolson movie maternal:motherly, or on your mother's side of the family Ma and Pa Kent:Superman's folks from Smallville The Matrix: sci-fi flick where Keanu Reeves seeks an underlying reality mommy blogger:online website author who writes about parenting issues and experiences Mommie Dearest:Joan Crawford's daughter's tell-all book motherboard:critical part of your computer that you hope never fails Mother Courage:Bertolt Brecht play Mother Earth:our planet Mother Goose:source of all those kids' stories and rhymes motherhood:the maternal state mother-in-law:sterotypical husband's nemesis Mother-in-Law:Ernie K-Doe R & B hit single of the sixties motherland:your home and native land motherless:like an orphan mother lode:hit this vein and you strike it rich motherly:maternal Mother May I:childhood game of baby steps and giant steps Mother Nature:the forces of nature personified Mother of all wars:Saddam's threat in 1991 mother of pearl:nacre; that iridescent stuff lining oyster shells mother ship:the one that spawned all those little UFO's Mother's Day:May holiday that's a boon to florists, confectioners, and Hallmark Mother Superior:the head nun Mother Teresa:1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner mother tongue:one's first language Mr. Mom:movie with Michael Keaton as a stay-at-home dad mummy:eventual state of Tutankhamen and other pharaohs mums:familiar name for chrysanthemums mum's the word:don't breathe a word, keep it under wraps Old Mother Hubbard:She went to the cupboard to give the poor dog a bone Queen Mother:the queen dowager whose offspring will rule Queen Mum:Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, well-loved centenarian wife of George VI soccer mom:typical suburban mother that drives her kids to their sports events Stepmom:1998 flick starring Julia Roberts stepmother:Cinderella had a mean one surrogate mother:she bears a child for somebody else The Mamas and the Papas:Sixties folk rock group that was California Dreamin' on a Monday, Monday The Mummy:classic 1932 Boris Karloff horror flick, remade in 1999 with Brendan Fraser Throw Momma from the Train:1987 Danny DeVito flick Whistler's Mother: James McNeill Whistler's iconic American oil painting matron:the boss lady, especially at a place like a prison, or a staid married woman maternity leave:time off for the birth of a baby maternity ward:where you’ll find the new babies and their mothers at the hospital matriarch:the woman who rules the family, clan or organization matrimony:the state of being married, marriage Madonna:the Virgin Mary, or, oddly, the Material Girl who was only Like a Virgin