Start with a capital letter:
  • the first word in a sentence
  • names
  • the word I
  • months and days
Pick a word that needs a capital.

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Christmas is December 25. Your brother is Noah. That is where I live. I like what I see. She saw what I ate. Soon I can go. Go sit with Liam. You and I must go. Go look for Sam. Is Mia in the room? Do you see Jack? Is Ben here today? How old is Ella? Can Lily play now? Where is Ryan? Can you hear Luke? Look for her cat Muffy. My sister is Olivia. I see Mei and her dog. My sister Eva is seven. You can go with Chloe. Go help Emma. Help Alex open the door. You said I can go. He has the toy I want. Her sister is Maria. His best friend is Ethan. I gave Mike some cake. Her name is Emily. Mason and I are friends. She and I are sisters. He and I are brothers. You and I went home. Look what I have.***We stop in March. They can come on Sunday. Ava and I play on Friday. We play every Saturday. Can you go on Thursday? We go to school in May. School ends in May there. The birds go in October. I go away on Monday. Please come on Sunday. Can I go on Tuesday? We may go in March. It was Thursday or Friday. I like May or August. My party is Sunday night. The game is next Monday. Emma will be eight in July. Ali's birthday is in June. My birthday is in October. His birthday is in August. Can Jim come on Monday? We can go on Tuesday. Ava and Eli go away in May. We came in April. They may come in June. I saw Ava on Sunday. The first day is Sunday. Can I come on Sunday? It is hot in August. We can go in November. February is before March. Are you open Tuesday? Santa comes in December. You saw him on Tuesday. We saw Aiden on Saturday. You walk every Monday. It will be Tuesday soon. I know it was Saturday. It will be April soon. Halloween is in October.