Capitals Worksheet

Holidays and Places
Something is wrong. All the capital letters are missing.
Write the sentences in the boxes the right way, with capitals.

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Liam was born in Ohio. Have you ever been to Texas? Is Ryan from New York? Is your uncle from Vermont? Did you drive through Oregon? Did you fish in Lake Erie? Did you see the Grand Canyon? William and Kate live in London. My friend Owen lives in Paris now. We saw the Atlantic Ocean. Mia was in France on New Year's Day. Zebras live in Africa. We will fly to India. Is Paris in France? Matt is in China until April. We went to a game in Green Bay. Aiden was in Rome in July. Which states are on the Pacific Ocean? In March, we went to Mexico. We will go to Miami in December. It is hot in Spain in July. Once I was in Spain for Easter. We went to India and China. I know London is in England. Was Ava born in Canada?***We made lunch on Mother's Day. I saw Eva on New Year's Day. We went to a party on New Year's Eve. He saw his shadow on Groundhog Day. Let's make cards for Valentine's Day. Riley wears green on St. Patrick's Day. I got a chocolate bunny for Easter. Ava and Nick plant a tree on Earth Day. Do you know what April Fool's Day is? We saw fireworks on Independence Day. We saw a parade on Columbus Day. We saw the Easter parade in New York. Did you buy candy for Halloween? Do you dress up for Halloween? We have a turkey for Thanksgiving. Zoe baked cookies for Christmas. Did you spend Christmas in Florida? December 25 is Christmas. Do not forget Father's Day. It is Mother's Day soon.