Capitals Worksheet

Titles, Brands and Companies
Something is wrong. All the capital letters are missing.
Write the sentences in the boxes the right way, with capitals.

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Noah saw the sports doctor, Dr. Smith. We met our state senator, Senator Mason. Welcome the senator from the state of Ohio. He saw Dr. Wong, the eye doctor, in March. Mia admires her soccer coach, Coach Rogers. The governor met with Mayor Dylan. He and I saw the mayor and Governor Brown. We sat with the ship's captain, Captain Jonas. He played the spaceship captain, Captain Kirk. Is Ms. Maple your teacher? Aria saw Grandma Jackson at Thanksgiving. Her mother is the principal, Mrs. Koss. Tell the doctor that Mr. Brown is here. Our cat sat by Aunt Maria. We visit my youngest aunt, Aunt Sara. Ben saw Uncle Frank on last Easter. Kyla's favorite uncle is Uncle Bob. Our new principal is Ms. Jackson. The forty-fourth president was President Obama. We elect a new president in November. Welcome the new police chief, Chief Carter. This is my father, Mr. Mills.***Chloe dropped the Pepsi bottle. I got a new Lego set for Christmas. Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? Is that an Apple computer? He got a new pair of Nikes last Tuesday. Ethan had Cheerios for breakfast. Do you like Frosted Flakes? Her mother drives a white Ford van. Sophie has three Barbie dolls. Jack has many Hot Wheels cars. Lily shared her Snickers with Maria. At Halloween we gave Hershey Kisses. Did Emma get an Xbox for Christmas? Lucas has a Star Wars backpack. Aiden lost part of Mr. Potato Head. Mia drew with her Etch A Sketch. The senator visits the Boeing plant. Liam's father is a manager at Exxon. The Chevron station is the closest. There is a Toyota plant in Kentucky. She is a manager at General Electric.