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Press the witch.

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flies: The bird *.: The witch * on a broom. rings: The bell *.: She wears * on her fingers. round: A ball is *.: An orange is *. seven: I am * years old.: We have * kittens. Don't: * do that!: * be late! sleep: I * in a bed: We * at night. cries: The baby *.: He * out for help. cow: You get milk from a *.: A * says "Moo." grow: Flowers * in the garden.: When I * up, I'll be a doctor. feet: You walk on two *.: Shoes go on your *. swim: Fish *.: My brothers * in the pool. learn: I * new words.: You * at school. chair: Sit on the *.: The girl sits on a *. buy: I * milk at the store.: Remember to * bread. says: A pig * "Oink.": A duck * "Quack." bigger: A cat is * than a mouse.: A whale is * than a frog. today: Your birthday is *.: He wasn't at school *. Your: * shoes fit.: * school is on Main Street. house: You live in a *.: I live in a small *. missed: He * the bus.: I * you while I was away. hope: I * you feel better.: I * you have a nice day. food: You eat *.: The * we eat is good for us. takes: A bus * you to school.: My dad * me to school. rain: I get wet in the *.: The * falls from the sky. fingers: You have ten *.: She wears rings on her *. around: The dog runs * the yard.: He runs * in a circle. about: The story is * a frog.: The show is * a witch. before: May comes * June.: Wash your hands * eating. work: My mother goes to * each day.: I have lots of * to do. Clean: * up that mess!: * your room right now! skate: You * on ice.: You * on the pond. because: She smiles * she is happy.: The baby cries * he is hungry. always: I * brush my teeth.: He * loses his glasses.