St. Patrick's Day Hangman Game

Test your knowledge of all things Irish!
Guess as many words or phrases related to Ireland and St. Patrick's Day as you can in one minute.

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Saint Patrick:The patron saint of Ireland St. Patrick's Day:It's also known as March 17. March:St. Patrick's Day falls in this month. Ireland:Saint Patrick is its patron saint. Kathy Ireland:She's not Irish, she's a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue super model. Pierce Brosnan:Handsome Irish actor who was a suave, sophisticated 007. Bob Geldof:lead singer of Irish punk rockers, The Boomtown Rats, and organizer of Band Aid and Live Aid Oscar Wilde:Irish writer of "The Picture of Dorian Gray", "The Importance of Being Earnest", and "A true friend stabs you in the front." brogue:a strong accent, especially an Irish one Erin Go Bragh:Ireland Forever! Kiss Me, I'm Irish!:Seen on many a T-shirt on March 17 Irish jig:Step lively for this folk dance. Fighting Irish:They take the field for Notre Dame. Riverdance:Irish stepdancing takes the stage in this theatrical production Irish step dance:Popularized in Riverdance, with quick legs and still upper body Irish Diaspora:The many millions who emigrated from Ireland and their descendants, many as a result of the Great Potato Famine Republic of Ireland:The sovereign state that occupies the largest part of the island of Ireland Northern Ireland:One of the four countries of the United Kingdom Celtic harp:This stringed folk instrument is a symbol of Ireland Wearing of the green:Sporting a shamrock green beer:beverage of choice on March 17 green:Environmentally-friendly, rabbit food, cash, lacking in experience, or "I'm Irish!" Irish Potato Famine:Catastrophic period of mass starvation in Ireland from 1845 to 1852 caused by crop failures due to a potato blight leprechaun:A little old man of Irish folklore who has a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow rainbow:You'll find a leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of this shillelagh:You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a blow from this Irish walking stick or cudgel banshee:If you hear somebody scream or wail like this it's not a good sign at all. whiskey:It's what brings Tim Finnegan back to life in the ballad Finnegan's Wake Blarney Stone:Kiss it and you'll have the gift of gab. gift of gab:What you get when you kiss the Blarney Stone. Blarney Stone:It's reputed to be the most unhygienic tourist attraction in the world - kiss it at your peril. Gaelic:What they spoke in old Ireland shamrock:It's three-leafed, green and a symbol of Ireland. Emerald Isle:Its lush landscape earned Ireland this nickname. Irish coffee:Add a dollop of Irish whiskey and little sugar to hot coffee, top with cream, and you get this. Irish stew:It's a thick, hearty, well-cooked mixture of lamb or mutton, potatoes and other vegetables. Irish Setter:Sports a long glossy red-brown coat and was bred to be a bird hunter Irish Wolfhound:It's the tallest of all dog breeds. Irish blessing:A familiar one begins, "May the road rise to meet you." Baileys Irish Cream:An Irish whiskey and cream-based liqueur Chicago River:It's one of the most notable things that's traditionally dyed green on St. Patrick's Day. Celtic Tiger:The Irish economic boom period of the 1990s that was tamed by the late-2000s recession Dublin:The capital of the Republic of Ireland Belfast:The capital of Northern Ireland Luck of the Irish:Whether it's good or bad is debatable.