Thanksgiving Hangman

Exercise your brain and boost your word power, spelling and vocabulary with this fun Thanksgiving word puzzle. Guess as many turkey day words or phrases as you can in two minutes. Hint: Go for vowels first.

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Wild Turkey:the non-domestic cousin of our favorite fowl or a special American Bourbon cold turkey:one way to quit, suddenly with no gradual cutting down, or what many have the day after Thanksgiving roast turkey:the centerpiece of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner Hot Turkey Sandwich:one way to have Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and a not uncommon Blue Plate Special Turkey in the Straw:a country folk song featuring our favorite bird talk turkey:get to the heart of the matter, speak seriously Turkey Wing:a small brown and white clam shell that's named for what it looks like Turkey:country with Ankara as its capital Turkey Trot:a fun run that will help you burn off those Thanksgiving dinner calories Turkey Vulture:a big flying scavenger that you really hate to see circling above you tom turkey:the male of our favorite fowl poult:what a baby or young turkey is called wattle:the red flap hanging from the turkey's chin wishbone:break off the bigger part of this in a traditional pulling contest and you get your wish giblets:edible internal organs of a turkey that's often used as a base for gravy drumstick:the leg part of the roast turkey and the source of all that dark meat white meat:turkey slices from the breast, one of a pair of choices frequently offered at Thanksgiving dinner dark meat:turkey slices from the drumsticks, a choice frequently voiced at Thanksgiving dinner Butterball:well-known brand of turkey or how you may be described after Thanksgiving dinner gobble gobble:turkey talk or what we do to Thanksgiving dinner gobbler:a male turkey or a term applicable to many a guest at a Thanksgiving Day feast stuffing:a popular component of Thanksgiving dinner, what goes in the turkey, or what we're doing to our faces on Thanksgiving dressing:what some call stuffing or, alternatively, putting on some clothes candied yams:a sweet, but nutritious, traditional vegetable component of Thanksgiving dinner mashed potatoes:a favorite platform for gravy at Thanksgiving dinner and a sixties dance too! pumpkin pie:not quite as American as apple, but nevertheless the traditional Thanksgiving dinner dessert Thanksgiving:our favorite November holiday Thursday:American Thanksgiving falls on this day of the week. Monday:In Canada, Thanksgiving falls on this day of the week. fourth Thursday of November:when we celebrate Thanksgiving (in the U. S. A.) cranberry sauce:made from the berries of a native North American plant, an essential complement to roast turkey cornucopia:horn of plenty, symbol of harvest abundance Pilgrims:legendary celebrants of the first Thanksgiving in America Mayflower:the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America Black Friday:the day after Thanksgiving and the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season Presidential pardon:what one lucky turkey is granted by the current occupant of the White House Macy's:sponsors of one of the best known Thanksgiving Day parades floats:impressive parts of many big Thanksgiving Day parades marching bands:providers of music and flashy formations in many a Thanksgiving Day parade football:the big game on Thanksgiving Day and good for many hours of big screen viewing Benjamin Franklin:noted supporter of the turkey over the eagle as our national bird. He also liked the rattlesnake as a symbol.