Easter Crossword Puzzle

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3 4 5
6 7 8
10 11 12
13 14 15


3. The White House Easter Egg ____ takes place on the White House lawn.

5. An Easter bonnet is a fancy ___.

6. Easter is a spring _______.

9. In the New York Easter ______ people walk down Fifth Avenue wearing their new Easter bonnets or hats.

10. You might hard-boil one and dye it a nice color for Easter.

13. If an egg wobbles when you do this to it, it is raw. A hard-boiled egg will ____ smoothly.

14. The American poet Joyce Kilmer wrote a ____ with the title "Easter".

16. Easter always falls on this day of the week.


1. For Easter, dip eggs in dye to _____ them.

2. The President and the First ____ invite children to the White House Easter Egg Roll every year.

4. The hen ____ an egg. The past tense of LAY.

6. A spring holiday greeting might be, "_____ Easter!"

7. The Easter Egg Roll takes place on the White House ____.

8. The opposite of SHALLOW. Easter eggs are dyed many colors, from pale pink to ____ blue.

11. The Friday before Easter is ____ Friday.

12. The abbreviation for General Electric.

15. Easter is never during this month, but sometimes it is in the month before it.

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