Reading Comprehension Game for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Which One is It?

The ball is on the table.

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1/10/The ball is on the table. 1/11/The ball is under the bed. 1/12/The ball is beside the table. 1/13/The ball is beside the dog. 1/14/The dog is under the table. 1/15/The cat is on the bed. 1/16/The cat is under the table. 1/17/The cat is under the chair. 1/18/The ball is in the box. 1/19/The ball is beside the box. 2/20/I see four red balloons. 2/21/There are apples in the basket. 2/22/The red ball has one yellow star on it. 2/23/The ball has the number eight on it. 2/24/Five balloons are flying in the air. 2/25/There are many balls in the yellow pail. 2/26/The blue ball has three stars on it. 2/27/The soccer ball is black and white. 2/28/A football is not round. 2/29/The ball has the number five on it. 3/30/My sister has a surfboard. 3/31/Charlie throws a ball in the air. 3/32/My brother holds a beach ball. 3/33/Ella catches a butterfly. 3/34/Sam and Nick play in the sandbox. 3/35/Two kids are on swings. 3/36/Al and Maddie play with blocks. 3/37/Logan and Maddie read books. 3/38/Mateo and Maria are on the seesaw. 3/39/The children play at the slide. 4/40/A baby is crying. 4/41/A baby sleeps. 4/42/A lady pushes a baby stroller. 4/43/The baby wears an orange hat. 4/44/Anna plays the piano. 4/45/Harry plays the drum. 4/46/Carmen walks the dog. 4/47/Ty and Cher ride bicycles. 4/48/A man is in a boat fishing. 4/49/Someone sleeps in a tent. 5/50/The yellow bus takes me to school. 5/51/This ship crosses the ocean. 5/52/This boat needs wind to go fast. 5/53/The red car goes very fast. 5/54/My mother takes this blue bus to work. 5/55/The dump truck is full of dirt. 5/56/I take the train when I go to Chicago. 5/57/I fly in an airplane when I go to Florida. 5/58/If there is a fire, this truck will come. 5/59/A hot air balloon flies in the sky.