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Teachers: Bookmark this growing collection of reading comprehension graphic organizers that will help students construct meaning and understanding from what they read.

Graphic organizers encourage students to stop and think about what is important while they read. Organizers allow readers to break down both fiction and informational text reading passages in a structured and meaningful way.

Although targeted to a 3rd or 4th grade level, these organizers can be used across all grade levels. They can also be used as an assessment tool to measure students understanding of what they read or to observe their thinking process and comprehension strategies.

Graphic Organizers

Main Idea Organizer

Summarize Organizer

Vocabulary Organizer

Timeline/Event Sequence Organizer

Comparison Organizer Chart

2 Way Compare/Contrast (Venn diagrams)

3 Way Compare/Contrast (Venn diagrams)

Informational Text Notes Organizer

Write Your Own Questions Organizer

Biography Organizer

Legends Story Organizer

Legends Summary Organizer

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