Multicultural and Indigenous Peoples Legends and Folktales Reading Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers

Free printable traditional legends and folktales from the Native American and Indigenous Peoples cultures and from other diverse cultures around the world. Questions and answers included. Print out or use interactively online. Recommended level: 3rd or 4th Grade and up

North America
Why Bear Has a Short Tail
Iroquois Legend

How Turtle Flew South for the Winter
Sioux Legend

How the Deer Got Antlers
Cherokee Legend

How the Fly Saved the River
Anishnabe Legend

How Coyote Freed the Buffalo
Apache, Blackfoot & Comanche Legend

The Flying Bat Plays Ball
Muskogee Legend

The Magic Sea Turtle
Hawaiian Legend

The Legend of Sedna
Inuit Legend from Baffin Island
How Corn Came to Be
Choctaw Legend

The Dream Catcher
from the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Canada
Why Lizards Can't Sit
African American Folktale
Two Rabbits Outsmart an Owl
Inuit Legend from Canada
The Spirit of the Corn
Iroquois Legend
How Mosquitoes Came to Be
from the Tlinget Tribe of the Pacific Northwest
Why Chipmunks Have Stripes
Native American Seneca Legend
Coyote and the Milky Way
Based on a Native American Navajo Legend
Why Owls Stare (Easier)
From the Oklahoma Choctaw Nation
The Lizard and the Sun
Mexican Legend
Coyote and the Cheese
Mexican Folktale

How the Turtle Got its Shell
Folktale from Australia

Thakane, the African Dragon-Slaying Princess
Legend from South Africa

How Turtle Became King
Based on an African Folktale

Turtle and the Magic Drum
Folktale from Nigeria

The Turtle and the Spider
Folktale from Ghana

The Turtle and the Birds
Legend from Ghana

How the Zebra Got Its Stripes
Legend from Uganda

Why Turtles Live in the Water
Folktale from West Africa

The Crocodile and the Monkey
Legend from India

The Lion and the Rabbit
Fable from India

The Legend of Rama and Sita
Hindu Diwali Legend

The Chinese Legend of the Zodiac
Legend from China

Why Fish Have Scales
Folktale from the Philippines

The Turtle and the Monkey
Folktale from the Philippines

Two Frogs Go to the Big City (Easier)
Based on a Japanese Legend

St. George and the Dragon
European Legend

The Fighter from Thasos
Greek Legend

The Sunflower
Greek Legend

The Dagda's Harp
Irish Legend

The Dragon of Wawel Hill
Legend from Poland

How Pussy Willows Came To Be (Easier)
Legend from Poland

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