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How Mosquitoes Came to Be

A Legend of the Tlinget Tribe of the Pacific Northwest

A long time ago there was a giant monster who liked to kill humans and drink their blood.

People tried everything to get rid of the giant. Finally one man said, "I think I know how to kill this monster." He went to the place where the giant had last been seen. There he lay down and pretended to be dead.

Soon the giant came along. When the giant saw the man lying there, he said, "These humans are making it easy for me. They die right on my trail, probably from fear of me. I can't wait to roast this man and drink his blood!"

The giant carried the man to his tall shed, dropped him near the fireplace and went out to get some firewood. As soon as the monster left, the man got up and grabbed one of the giant's huge knives. When the giant's foot appeared back in the doorway the man stabbed the knife into the giant's heel.

The giant screamed, fell down dead, and shouted, "Though I'm dead, I'm going to keep on eating you and all the humans in the world forever!"

"That's what you think!" said the man.

He cut the giant's body into pieces and burned them in the fire. Then he took the ashes and threw them into the wind to scatter.

Instantly the ashes turned into a cloud of mosquitoes, and from their midst the man heard the giant's voice laughing, saying, "Yes, I'll eat you people until the end of time!"

Source: How Mosquitoes Came to Be
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From where is the Tlinget tribe?
Southwestern United States
Great Lakes area
Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Why did the giant kill people?
to drink their blood
to turn them into mosquitoes
to experiment with their brains
to drink their blood What do the monster in this story and a mosquito have in common?
They are both fantasy creatures and not real.
They both fly.
They both like human blood.
They both like human blood. What happened to the giant's ashes?
They turned into mosquitoes.
They floated away.
They dropped all over the land.
They turned into mosquitoes. How did the man kill the giant?
He tripped the giant who fell into the fire.
He cut off the giant's toes.
He stabbed the giant in the heel.
He stabbed the giant in the heel. What did the giant say as he died?
He said he would kill the man.
He said he would be eating humans forever.
He said he was sorry for everything he did.
He said he would be eating humans forever.

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