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The Dagda's Harp

an Irish Legend

The Dagda is a "good god" in Irish mythology. He had great magic powers and a beautiful harp that could control weather and crops. More importantly, this magic harp could control people's emotions and feelings.

By plucking the strings of his magic harp, the Dagda could instantly get all his warriors ready for battle. When they returned home, the Dagda played his harp again. This time the magic music caused the men to be calm and forget about any battle wounds.

Once upon a time, during a war, the enemy tribe stole Dagda’s harp and took it to an old castle far away. Dagda followed the tribe to the castle and called out to the harp, "Come to me, my beautiful harp."

The harp sprang from its place in the middle of the castle banquet hall and dropped in front of the Dagda. He played 3 loud chords that he called the Music of Tears and everyone in the castle began to cry.

Just as the warriors were about to draw their swords, Dagda plucked the harp strings and played the Music of Mirth. All the warriors began to laugh hysterically.

The Dagda struck the harp again. This time the notes were soft and sweet, pure and soothing. This was the Music of Sleep. Everyone but the Dagda dropped to the ground, closed their eyes and nodded off to sleep.

When the Dagda was certain that everyone was fast asleep and unable to move, he took the harp, left the castle, and returned to his land with his magic harp unharmed.

Source: The Dagda's Harp
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Who is the Dagda?
the Greek god of music
a god in Irish mythology
a leprechaun
a god in Irish mythology Who stole the Dagda's magic harp?
an enemy tribe
the Dagda's own warriors
Irish fairies
an enemy tribe Where did the enemy take the Dagda's magic harp?
to a faraway castle
to a fairy field
to the Dagda's garden
to a faraway castle Where was the harp placed at the castle?
in the dungeon
in the banquet hall
in the tower
in the banquet hall What is mirth?
laughter What happened when the Dagda played the Music of Tears?
Someone died.
Everyone laughed.
Everyone cried.
Everyone cried. What music caused everyone to drop to the ground and close their eyes?
Music of Tears
Music of Mirth
Music of Sleep
Music of Sleep The Dagda's magic harp could control the weather.
It doesn't say in the story.
True The Dagda played his harp before battles to make the warriors cry.
It doesn't say in the story.
False How did the Dagda get his harp back?
He put everyone to sleep and took the harp away.
He killed the warriors and rescued the harp.
The magic harp came back to him on its own.
He put everyone to sleep and took the harp away.

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