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Thakane, the African Dragon-Slaying Princess

A Legend from South Africa

Princess Thakane was the daughter of a great and powerful leader. Unfortunately, her father and mother died and left Thakane to raise her two younger brothers.

Thakane sent her brothers to a warrior school in the mountains. Graduates from the school normally received shields and warrior clothes made of the skins of animals killed by their fathers. Thakane did the best that she could. She hunted lions and other great beasts and gave her brothers the skins.

"These clothes aren't good enough for us," said the brothers. "We want skins from the glowing red dragon!"

The red dragon was a scary beast. It glowed in the dark and breathed red smoke. Getting dragon skins for her brothers was going to be a very difficult job.

Thakane wanted to uphold her family’s honor and make her brothers proud. She asked the brave men of the village to help her slay the dragon, but no one would do it.

Thakane set off on her own to find the dragon. On her way, she met an old woman. The woman gave her a pebble that she said would protect her from dragons. Thakane kept the pebble safe in her pocket.

Soon after meeting the old woman, Thakane found the red dragon. As she got closer to it, the dragon fell asleep. Thakane drew her sword and killed it.

Thakane arrived home with the dragon skins. Her demanding brothers had the graduation gifts they wanted and her family's honor was upheld. Thakane and her magic pebble continued to protect the entire kingdom from evil dragons. Whenever Thakane had her pebble in her pocket and went near a dragon, the dragon fell right to sleep.

Source: Thakane, the African Dragon-Slaying Princess
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Where was this legend first told?
South Africa
South Africa How many brothers did Thakane have?
2 What was the usual gift for warrior school graduates?
skins from animals
a sword
a horse
skins from animals What kind of animal skins did Thakane's brothers want?
lion skins
dragon skins
snake skins
dragon skins What did the old woman give Thakane?
a magic spell
a pebble
a sword
a pebble The red dragon lived in a cave by the river.
It doesn't say in the story.
It doesn't say in the story. Two brave men offered to help Thalane slay the dragon
It doesn't say in the story.
False Where did Thakane meet the old woman?
at the top of the mountain
at the warrior school
on the way to finding the dragon
on the way to finding the dragon What was the pebble's magic power?
It made Thakane braver.
It put dragons to sleep.
It made the old woman live forever.
It put dragons to sleep.

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