Easter Reading Comprehension

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Easter in Spain

Easter is a very important celebration in Spain. The entire week before Easter Sunday is often a holiday.

On Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, children bring palm leaves and branches to church. Sometimes the branches are decorated with candies or flowers.

In some villages on Holy Thursday, there is a special "Dance of Death." A scary dance is performed, at night, by men dressed as skeletons.

Many towns in Spain celebrate Easter with nighttime processions (parades). Floats called "tronos" are carried through the streets. Each float tells part of the Easter story.

Forty or fifty people carry each trono on their shoulders. The procession can sometimes go on for more than four hours. The biggest processions are held in Seville. Each procession is put on by a different group. There is a lot of competition among the groups to have the best procession.

What is a trono?
a float
a palm leaf
a Spanish actor
a float What is a procession?
a contest
a dance
a parade
a parade Where are the biggest Easter processions in Spain?
Seville When is Palm Sunday?
4 Sundays before Easter
Sunday before Easter
Sunday after Easter
Sunday before Easter What kind of dance is performed on Holy Thursday?
flamenco dance
salsa dance
a scary dance about death
a scary dance about death How do the dancers dress for the Dance of Death?
as skeletons
as characters from the Bible
as palm leaves
as skeletons What do the floats have on them?
candies and chocolates
Easter bunnies
scenes showing the story of Easter
scenes showing the story of Easter How do the tronos move along the streets?
They sit on trailers.
People carry them on their shoulders.
They have wheels.
People carry them on their shoulders.

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