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Licks from a Little Brown Dog

a tale from Yorkshire, England

Eva was an old woman who had no family or friends. She only had her little brown dog, Chester, who went everywhere with her.

Unless it was really cold, when Chester would sleep by the fire, the dog always slept right beside Eva's bed. If Eva was frightened or was having a nightmare, she would put her hand down and Chester would lick it.

One night it was dark and very cold. Eva put logs on the fire, turned out the lights, and tried to sleep. But she was shivering and couldn't stop thinking about a scary murder she had read about in the newspaper.

She reached down to where Chester slept. Sure enough, a warm wet tongue licked her hand.

As she started to fall asleep, she opened her eyes and looked through the door into the living room. There, in front of the fireplace, was Chester looking right at her. Down beside her bed, something was licking her hand.

Where is Yorkshire?
England When it was very cold, where did Chester sleep?
beside Eva's bed
in Eva's bed
by the fireplace
by the fireplace Where did Chester usually sleep??
beside Eva's bed
in Eva's bed
by the fireplace
beside Eva's bed Who or what was licking Eva's hand that cold night?
Chester the dog
a mouse
It doesn't exactly say.
It doesn't exactly say. Why couldn't Eva fall asleep that night?
She heard strange noises.
She was cold and scared.
She couldn't find Chester.
She was cold and scared. Why is this story scary?
because we don't know what or who is licking Eva's hand
because it was cold in the house
because Eva couldn't sleep
because we don't know what or who is licking Eva's hand

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