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Extinct Turtle Found

Associated Press, September 7, 2009

A forest turtle, thought to be extinct and gone forever, has been discovered in a forest in Myanmar (sometimes called Burma).

Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society found five of the brown and tan spotted turtles during a survey of wildlife in the Rakhine Yoma Elephant Park.

The discovery makes scientists hopeful that the species can survive. The turtles have disappeared because hunters have killed them for their use in food and medicine. Scientists tried to breed them in a reptile zoo, but had no success.

"We are happy and surprised that this rare animal is alive and well in Myanmar. Now we must do what we can to protect the turtles that remain," said Colin Poole, the Wildlife Conservation Society's director of Asia programs.

When was this story reported?
last September
September 2009
August 1999
September 2009 What is the headline of this story?
Extinct Turtle Found
Associated Press
Myanmar Forest Turtles
Extinct Turtle Found Which news agency reported this story?
Associated Press
National Geographic
Associated Press Where were the scientists doing research when they found the turtles?
at an elephant park
near a river
at a zoo
at an elephant park Who is Colin Poole?
a reporter for Associated Press
a hunter from Myanmar
a director for the Wildlife Conservation Society
a director for the Wildlife Conservation Society What does it mean if an animal is extinct?
They only live in the wild.
There are none of them left in the world.
There are 1000 of them left in America.
There are none of them left in the world. How did the forest turtle become extinct?
They were killed by elephants.
Their habitat disappeared.
Hunters killed them to use in food and medicine.
Hunters killed them to use in food and medicine. What do you think can be done to protect the turtles?
Give the turtles more food.
Keep the hunters away.
Move the turtles out of the forest.
Keep the hunters away.

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